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Hi, I’m Tom Bochenek. In this IWIN123 review you will learn how in 2006, I started researching the best methods to work from home, do business, and invest based on my father’s prescient words: “go where you’re treated best”.  Later I joined IWIN to share with others what I was doing. Since then, I’ve:

  • Paid off $80,000 credit card debt in the first year.
  • Consistently earned a 6+ figure income each year.
  • Enjoyed helping other people achieve a similar lifestyle.
  • Experienced the true freedom of controlling my time and destiny within a happy family setting.

… and more. My goal is to help entrepreneurs like myself keep more of their own money, build their freedom, and create wealth faster.

NOTE: Be aware of ABC News 20/20 investigation uncovering the Better Business Bureau's "Pay for rating racket"'

I want to start by noting that I have personally been involved with the IWIN business for over 10 years now. So I feel very qualified to offer my insights within the IWIN123 review.

A new Shark Tank review does show how Fake reviewers who will offer their advice in  veiled attempts to "Bait and Switch" you to join their  $19." chain letter like" start up business.

In this IWIN123 review I think the best way is to explain what attracted me to IWIN123 in the first place. What I was looking for was a legitimate home business that I could earn a comfortable income from home. I wanted to be in charge of my own future. Where I could be rewarded for my efforts in helping others, instead of  some unappreciative boss.

A IWIN123 review List Of Demands on how I expect to be treated  in a HOME BUSINESS:

When you embark on a new home business venture you want to make sure that it is DESIGNED with your success in mind. You really need this in order to succeed.

Considering the objectives outlined in the IWIN123 review,  I found that only IWIN123 was able to be meet the criteria as follows:

  • I want a business where I GET PAID FIRST.

At IWIN123, you get paid 90% commission on your first sale. Your inviter only collects a 10% residual. At most competing businesses they take your first sale for themselves.

  • I want to receive a residual income for all the sales of my down line.

At IWIN123, you get a 10% residual income on every sale your down line makes.  Therefor you can count on your inviter supporting you becasue they have a financial incentive to keep helping you each time. Your inviter won't disappear after your qualifier sale.

  • I want my inviter to  make my calls and sign up my first 2 sales at no cost to me.

At IWIN123, your inviter is obligated to help you with these sales and calls or they will be dropped from the business. NO EXCEPTIONS! Most competing firms charge 30% extra to close your sales.

  • I want to keep my costs to a minimum, I can't afford $500 admin fees and $2000 starting levels and monthly costs.

At IWIN123, there is no monthly costs, the admin cost is $125. which covers all 5 levels.and you can start at $250.  I've heard that the competition charges admin fees at each level,  as much as $500, has a $2000 start up cost and numerous monthly fees.

  • I don't want my inviter to take my qualifier sale from me.

At IWIN123, you keep your qualifier in your down line and your inviter will help the qualifier get started for you. You still will earn a 10% commission on every sale that the qualifier ever makes too. Most competing firms just take your qualifier for themselves, you never get anything for this.

I reasoned that this business would be repeatable since this is how I  want to be treated and these goals will be shared by most home business seekers.

IWIN123 Review Food For Thought:

When considering  another business, use this IWIN123 review to help guide you and ask yourself these questions:

How does the business compare on all of these points and does it benefit me or my inviter?

Won't it be easier to sign up your leads when they compare these IWIN advantages ?

Is there any reason to "Settle" for less than you deserve?

Are you being treated right?

I think that the IWIN123 review illustrates that the IWIN123 business just makes the most DOLLARS & sense.  The IWIN business delivers on all of these things and a lot more. My advice is to take 5 mins and just check this out. IWIN Review See for yourself.

OK Now, you may be wondering "will this work for you, too?" Well, I want you to know that when I first started my research for a home business, prior to joining IWIN, I also had no success at all (mostly due to not having the benefits mentioned above). However, things changed dramatically when I used the right formula....


So, I also want you to keep in mind that every business requires work. The money doesn't fall out of the sky!  But, if your willing to work at this, and with my personal one on one support, I'm sure you'll experience the same paradigm shift that I discovered once I joined IWIN, got their support and followed their direction.

I  also have provided a short video (above) for you to view an explanation of just what it is we do at IWIN. You'll also hear from  a new member that I coached and the results he attained in just his first week at IWIN....

As always my advice:

Go Where Your Treated Best!

To your happiness and wealth

Tom Bochenek



I've used those Five Magic Words to change my family's life.

Are you ready to join us and attain a rewarding lifestyle AND help others do the same?

4 thoughts on “IWIN123 REVIEW”

  1. Hey Tom,
    I like what I see here and it makes sense, I can see why you have been with for 10 years . I am in this as soon as I return from my vacation. Thanks for this insights.

  2. Tom,
    What would you say was the biggest point that helped you suceed at this? Also , what is the most difficult part that stops people?

    1. Hello Alyssa,
      I would have to say that the support I received was a giant help as my inviter initially made my calls for me , explained the marketing and then signed up my first 2 sales. I was just feeling so great to get off to a fast start. It just gave me the confidence to keep this going… it’s been 10 years now. People who give up never succeed. You have to be willing to step up and do the marketing that IWIN teaches. Some people have the idea from perhaps other businesses that they don’t have to do anything themselves. That is not true . You must be willing to do your part too. If you do the rewards are enormous. Hope this helps

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