8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Review

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2019)

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle or Fantasy?

Today I wanted to give my review on the 8 figure dream lifestyle business. It is a business that on the surface present itself has a standalone internet business. But upon looking into this unique business it become apparent that it is just different rendition of another business. In fact this business is really a repackaged  version

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle
8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

of a business called Tidom.  They both share the same inventory of products that you in fact download from the Tidom inventory.  8 figure dream lifestyle has the same exact expensive admin fee that reach as much as $495.00 going to the same owner.

So, if it's the same owner and products why does the 8 figure dream lifestyle  have a different name? Well it seems that with a different name they are able to disassociate themselves from the Tidom name which may carry with it a tarnished image.

The 8 figure dream lifestyle has also really hyped up the presentation to appear much more successful . If people are taken in by the hype they tend to overlook some very important deficiencies that I think are pivotal in determining if one is going to be successful in a home business.

I also noted another review of the 8 figure dream lifestyle business here that shares similar viewpoints.

So, I am going to give you a quick list of what I believe everyone should look for whenever you are considering any home business  . And by the way if you come across any business that has all these qualities, please let me know as If there is something better out there, I'm interested.  Ok , here is the list:

Check These Facts and COMPARE: 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

Look for a business with good marketing . Marketing that you are able to do yourself.  Without marketing you will fail.  Hint : stay away from businesses that want you to do  automated phone broadcasting.

Look for a business that will make your initial telephone calls for you. If they are not willing do do that for you without any extra cost to you, don't join them.

Look for a business that your sponsor will sign up at least your fist 2 sales again at no cost to you. Remember your new in the business and you will need this help.

Look for a business that pays you starting with your very first sales. If they want your first sale you know you're in the wrong place.

Look for a business that has true residual income.  When there is a residual income from all your sales then you know your sponsor will have a financial reason to continue to help you. If you don't have residual income your inviter will probably think of you as their competition.  With a residual component you have a "team" or partnership relationship instead. Again if no residual , look for another business.



So, there you have it. This is my list of requirements of what I consider to be absolutely necessary to have to join a business.  I have been fortunate to find that in IWIN123.com that I also reviewed that meets these criteria. With these feature who will be in a much stronger position to succeed. Again I explained those reasons in more detail my review of IWIN.

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