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ANOTHER Fake Reviewer? You decide.

A Shark Tank Review exposes yet another fake reviewer who masquerades as a Institute For Wealth In Networking review site.

Now, I understand that having your business reviewed is part of being in business. I’m OK with that. But, what really irks me is seeing so many “fake reviewers” out there who masquerade as a review site when in fact what they are just a individual pretending to have your interests and YOUR MONEY at heart only later to lead you down their path.

IN THE END…THEY ALWAYS WILL TRY TO TAKE YOU TO  THEIR BUSINESS. This is commonly known as the Bait & Switch scam.

Fake Reviewers are probably the biggest scammers you will ever have the misfortune of running into.

OK, This guy calls himself  the affiliate marketing unguru and is going by the name of :Tim Mckinlay. True name? Who knows.

His review site operates just like all the other fake reviewers. When you take a close look at Tim Mckinlay claims they quickly begin to fall apart.

First Tim claims in his INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN NETWORKING Review that it  mainly recommends post cards for marketing. Wrong we don’t. While you could include them it is not our first choice for marketing , so Tim is MISLEADING you on this point.

Next Tim claims you have to join at multiple levels, Wrong Tim. We have many members who sign up for our marketing classes and do not participate on any multi level program, but we do have 5 course levels for our classes. Are you trying to mislead again, Tim?

Next Tim claims I am running the show. Wrong again Tim . While I have been in the INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN NETWORKING business for over 12 years now. And I have been recognized for advice in the business which all members can offer. I am not the owner of Institute For Wealth In Networking, just a senior member. ( I am happy to offer whatever assistance I can to help others succeed in this business.) Thanks Tim for that endorsement . But you’re still wrong.

Oh, another outright lie by Tim claims that I was in the Empower Network. I NEVER Was involved what so ever. Again, I have been with INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN NETWORKING for over 12 years and no involvement in any other business. Don’t need them. As any legitimate INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN NETWORKING review will show it works the best.

Tim continues in his review, next attacking the products. Seems Tim will say whatever he can dream up. The INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN Networking’s review product is marketing education. This comes in many formats including videos , live classes, seminars, podcasts and help groups, etc.  But Tim doesn’t know that, he’s not a member of INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN NETWORKING , so he just makes up stuff I guess.

BTW INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN NETWORKING does charge $125.00 a year for the Admin, web site , and other software. THERE IS NO PRE-LOADED POSTIONS within the INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN NETWORKING Review SYSTEM , so again Wrong Tim. Very misleading again. No other business can match INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN Net Working’s low costs.

Whoa, this is getting tiresome, but next Tim McWrong,  I mean Mckinlay, starts confusing people with what he says INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN Networking’s review compensation plan is. I have tried reading his explanation  and honestly, I don’t know what he’s talking about. Take my word for it he is just Wrong again. Anyone cam contact me and I will set it straight for you.  Bottom line, no other business is matching what IWIN123 offers, but Tim doesn’t want you to know that.

They really don’t want you to understand the INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN NETWORKING review.  The fact is, ALL OF THESE FAKE REVIEWERS hate INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN Networking’s review compensation plan because it plain and simple is far superior to what they are trying to mislead you to. Don’t take Tim’s Bait!

Lastly Tim, claims we have actors for our testimonies. Well finally he gets something half right. Early on in INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN Networking’s 13 years in business we did have a paid spokesman  but so do most commercials you see every day  on TV, but that was a long time ago. ALL OF INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN NETWORKING’S review TESTIMONIES ARE FROM ACTUAL MEMBERS. Sorry Tim, you’re just out of touch here. But I know you must be hurting for leads so I guess you will  say whatever you can think of.

Institute For Wealth In Networking Review Conclusion:  Watch Out!

Finally in true form Tim ends things trying to SWITCH you go to his GREAT BUSINESS.

Fake Reviewers go around stomping businesses with poor reviews. Accuracy is not important. Likewise, Tim also attempts to lure you to switch to his business. I guess that is how he markets his business.  Frankly , I don’t trust this guy. It is up to you to decide if this is the kind of person you would want to follow.

Is Tim’s recommendation right for you?

I am not here to review other businesses but since Tim likes reviews, let’s just take a quick peek at the business that he is trying to switch you to. As a public service, I did locate a few facts about the business he is trying an lure you into.  Sorry Tim, this may not be what you wanted them to see, but I call it like your company’s membership see’s it.

The business he is trying to misdirect you to is called Wealthy Affiliates. I am not a member and therefore I can’t review it but fortunately it has already been reviewed by other legitimate review sites that have frankly labeled it as a scam, not my  words. So what better source of a review than from actual members of Wealthy Affiliates  at this link for Tim’s Wealthy Affiliates business:

Ouch! Sorry Tim, but it is what it is. After going to the link above and reading the comments from actual members of your business, there sure seems to be plenty of red flags there. I’m going take their word before I take Tim’s.

I also found one reference to it on the BBB . Apparently, this business is run out of someone’s New York apartment? Sounds like a big operation Tim.

I’ve said it before, but Fake Reviewers are probably the biggest scammers you will ever run into.

Since it was Tim’s idea to do a review, I want to thank Tim, for this opportunity set the record straight. This is just the other side of the story. For a HONEST REVIEW OF THE Institute for wealth In network business you can see it here.

FINAL “hypocrisy” NOTE:

Tim ends his review by saying “Thankfully, there is a better way. It is possible to build a profitable online business and enjoy what you do- without recruiting a single person. (Tim then insert’s his RECRUIT LINK ON HIS Review PAGE->) Here’s how I did it.”

You imply that you don’t recruit yet, isn’t the real purpose of your review to in fact recruit people???  With your link and review sites, your doing exactly what you say is a bad business option. A bit more of your hypocrisy for all of us to note here.

Again, in the INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH IN NETWORKING review business, you will find a number of features all packed into one business that the competition has not been able to beat.  Remarkably the Fake Reviewers forget to mention them in their reviews. You see, they won’t compare the features of their business to IWIN123 because they come up a loser in such a comparison.

The IWIN123 benefits include:

  • Extreme support. Your inviter will teach you the ever evolving marketing strategies.
  • Your inviter will make your initial calls for you to answer all questions,
  • Your inviter will close your first 2 sales for you. (we don’t charge for this service like other businesses do)
  • You collect a 90 % commissions starting with YOUR FIRST SALE. (Other businesses take your first sale away)
  • You will also collect a 10% residual income for life on all the sales on your down line sales. (Good luck finding this elsewhere)
  • You DO NOT GIVE AWAY a QUALIFIER TO anyone. Just the commission.
  • You ALSO receive 90 % of the commissions of qualifiers  sales WITHOUT MARKETING OR BUYING LEADS.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Very low admin fee:  $125. a year (covers all levels with one fee)

I hope this shed some light on these fake reviewers. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Thanks for the clarification, Yeah it looks like these guys attack iwin123 because they see it as a threat to the business they are in and wow the
    wealthy affiliates has terrible reviews from what I read…

    1. These fake reviewers often attack the businesses that they are losing sales too. So, they try and drag them down by doing this. IWIN123 works for me.

  2. I’m not surprised about this guy Tim, I have noticed that he is constantly doing these fake reviews on many companies and always doing like you showed , trying to send you to his company Wealth Affiliates . And that company had those terrible reivews that you showed us here. So, yeah , this guy is Bogus with a capital B.

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