IWIN123 Business Review Exposes Fake Reviewers

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2019)


The IWIN123 business review show how It basically boils down to this :  A fake reviewer creates a web site whose sole purpose is to kick and tear down any business they can find with whatever twisted or trivial data they can think of. Then when people like you goes looking for information on the business, they  stretch the truth and distort the facts about the business in a vain attempt to gain your trust. Once they  capture your attention with a fake review, as you read down to the bottom of their review they will always try and lead you with your hard earned money to whatever deal they are promoting that month.

They are just using the good name of other businesses to attract an audience then switching YOU to their business, the old “BAIT & SWITCH” scam.  THESE PEOPLE ARE TYPICALLY THE WORST SCAMMERS YOU WILL EVER RUN INTO!


Now, I understand that having my IWIN123 business reviewed is part of being in business. I’m ok with that. But, what really irks me is seeing so many “fake reviewers” out there who masquerade as a review site when in fact what they are is an individual who pretends to have your interests and YOUR MONEY at heart only later to lead you down their path.

A real honest review site gives an UNBIASED review. They don’t have some other business to lead you on to. Again I would run from the FAKE REVIEWERS.

It’s a shame that we have to put these IWIN123 business review posts out there but it seems our competition is getting desperate again. So today I’d like to focus on yet another supposed reviewer who will try and guide you and your money away … his way. This time we have an actual former IWIN123 member who had been asked to leave the IWIN123 family due to non compliance of IWIN123 polices.

IWIN123 REVIEW:   Fake Reviewer Exposed!

This reviewer complained about getting over a 400% return!
IWIN123 REVIEW Fake Reviewers exposed!

This guy’s name is MICHAEL Brown. His review site is basically designed the same as the other fake reviewers, When you take a close look at Michael’s claims they begin to fall apart.

Michael complains about IWIN123 products. Yes, Since IWIN123 has over 600 products, yes some are older, but many are newer as IWIN123 does add to the catalog on a regular basis. But when a product is good and works well , why throw it away? When my daughter went to college she studied many subjects that were old but still relevant today. They still teach Calculus in school as they did 100 years ago. It still is valid today as it was before. The same goes for many of our products. Michael wants you to think everything on our site is useless. Shame on you Michael, you know better!


Michael then complains that  he invested $1000 in marketing and only got a return of $4250. Hmm, let’s see, I think that is over a  400% return! I don’t know about you but I would be ecstatic about getting a 400% return on my money. And that is AFTER he tried and failed to talk someone out of joining IWIN123. That sounds like a positive endorsement for IWIN123. THANKS FOR THE ENDORSEMENT Michael.

As a side note, most IWIN123 members do not have to spend $1000 to see results. As a case in point , recently I helped a member whose name is Calvin Daniels. In his first week at IWIN123 he spent $35.00 and had his first 2 sign ups which resulted in $4250.00. A lot less cost and faster results than Michael, The only real difference is Daniel was not trying to talk people out of it as Michael did. You can hear Calvin describe his IWIN123 experiences here.

Continuing on, Michael in his review, he remarkably gives the advice to not join IWIN 123. But just as remarkably he just happens to have an alternative business that you can join under him. Now where have I heard that before?


Michael, IMAGINE IF YOU WERE STILL WITH IIWIN123 AND INVESTED ANOTHER $1000 AND RECEIVED ANOTHER $4250 IN RETURN? Most reasonable people would think that would be a pretty good business…. …I mean think about it Michael, you’d have to sign up 223 people in your $19 dollar business to equal what you did with only 3 signups with IWIN123. And that was when you weren’t even trying to make money! So, good luck with your new business.

PS: Michael, just wanted to update you that after your departure from IWIN123, another one of your leads turned into your 4th sale. So, I handed that one for you, this one was for about $2000.

No, I think Michael is his own worst enemy here. He admits people are signing up even when he doesn’t try to sign them up himself.

In retrospect Michael is probably better off sticking to making his web sites which he claims he’s good at. If only he had channeled that same effort that he put into his review sites into the IWIN123 business. He’d be a rich man today and would have helped a lot of other people get similar results.

IWIN123 Business Review


I have been doing the IWIN123 business for over 10 years. I wouldn’t be here if it didn’t work well. If anyone can show me a better business, I’m ready to listen. Haven’t seen a better one yet and I have serious doubts that Michael’s’ $19.00  hustle is going to be an answer for anyone

But I’m not here to do a review of Michael’s latest business I just wanted to let everyone know that there are certainly 2 sides to every story and I just gave you the honest truth…. something these fake reviewers have a hard time doing.

With these revelations in mind, it begs the question: Are you going to let this guy guide your income choices?

My suggestion for anyone looking to find a way to earn a good income from home, contact me for the latest info.

Again, in the IWIN123 business review, you will find a number of features all packed into one business that the competition just has not been able to match.  Remarkably the Fake Reviewers forget to mention them in their reviews. You see, They won’t compare the features of their business to IWIN because they come up a loser in such a comparison.

The IWIN123 benefits include:

  • Extreme support. Your inviter will teach you the ever evolving marketing
  • Your inviter will make your initial calls for you to answer all questions, ( Michael calls this selling)
  • Your inviter will close your first 2 sales for you. (we don’t charge for this service like other businesses do)
  • You collect a 90 % commissions starting with YOUR FIRST SALE. (Other businesses take your first sale away)
  • You will also collect a 10% residual income for life on all the sales on your down line sales. (Good luck finding this elsewhere)
  • You DO NOT GIVE AWAY a QUALIFIER TO anyone. Just the commission.
  • You ALSO receive 90 % of the commissions of qualifiers  sales WITHOUT MARKETING OR BUYING LEADS.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Very low admin fee:  $125. a year (covers all levels with one fee)
  • No hidden costs…capture page is optional.

The IWIN123 business review wants to thank Mike for giving me the opportunity to reach out here and set the record straight, and good luck with the $19.00 business you had to resort to.

2 thoughts on “IWIN123 Business Review Exposes Fake Reviewers”

  1. This guy can’t be serious. I mean he’s making money with what are fantastic returns that just about every home business owner would envy and he complaining. He’s not too smart if he thought this was a negative review on his part. Honestly , his review kicked up my interest in IWIN123 now more than ever!

    1. Not sure what he was thinking. Mostly just trying to steer people away from IWIN123 to his newest business. Again he is using IWIN123 to capture leads to divert. Let me know if you need anything else. Look forward to seeing you come aboard.

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