IWIN123 REVIEW & ABC NEWS Protest Better Business Bureau ratings!

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2020)

IWIN123 REVIEW:  Time to review  the Better Business Bureau

IWIN123 REVIEW  along with ABC NEWS has investigated the Better Business Bureau's method of rating businesses. IWIN123 Better Business Bureau rating shows that they have a very questionable tactic for rating a business even if THEY HAVE NEVER REVIEWED THE BUSINESS.

A case in point involving IWIN123 illustrates that the Better Business Bureau has no reviews for IWIN123. They state this right on their website. They even state that iwin123 has NO COMPLAINTS in over 11 years. Yet, they give IWIN123 a  F rating? Most people would assume the F is a bad sign.  (SEE VIDEO BELOW) but it isn't bad. It seems that because the BBB  choose to classify IWIN123 as a business that may have a complaint some day, IWIN123 should get an automatic F rating!.... So, the question is: What is the Better Business Bureau really after here?.... Kaching?

There should be a law against such slander. At least the Attorney General has stepped in questioning their methods. See video below.

Better Business Bureau shows IWIN123 has no complaints
No Complaints in 11 years ,IWIN123 refused to pay for a membership then they Give out a F


IWIN123 Better Business Bureau rating:  SHAME ON YOU!

We are not making this up. In fact a ABC NEWS 20/20 investigation  confronted the Better Business Bureau practices and have found that once the Better Business Bureau gives a business a low rating, businesses were told if they pay the Better Business Bureau a yearly membership fee, then their rating suddenly jumps to "A" rating.

ABC News reported that this BBB practice has the hallmark of a "shake down racket"  So, who's protecting legitimate businesses from such predatory behavior? Fortunately Attorney General Richard Blumenthal who declared " The Better Business Beaus' rating system is unworthy of consumer trust or confidence" has stepped in.  Some would suggest that this practice has all the earmarks of a scam in of itself.

After an investigation the Attorney General has told them to stop the practice! You can view this ABC NEWS Video below:  Just amazing.



We would like to note that we stand beside several well known businesses who also received a F rating from the Better Business Bureau and who have refused to pay membership fees to the BBB. Along with IWIN123 this list included:

  • Disneyland Resort
  • Ritz Carlton 5 star Hotel Chain
  • World famous chef Wolfgang Puck

This terrorist organization paid for a membership and got A rated.
The Better Business Bureau gave this terrorist organization a A rating after it paid for its membership. That shows how they do reviews! Is money more important than the content? ( see the video above)


This has been a big concern for IWIN123 REVIEW because we have noted other IWIN123 REVIEW FAKE REVIEWERS who are our competitors who have created fake review sites for the purpose of misleading unsuspecting people into thinking that this F rating is a sign of a bad business.  Of course, it is not bad but that doesn't stop FAKE REVIEWERS from using it to mislead people away from IWIN123 to their business that they want to switch you to. Very sneaky. Do you really want to do business with people like this? Can you ever trust a BBB rating again?

These tactics by the Fake Reviewers are often referred to as The Bait & Switch Scam:

IWIN123 questions THE BBB  tactic of using their position of trust held by so many to in effect demand ransoms in the form of a yearly membership fee so as to make the F rating go away once the business makes the payment. IWIN123 has refused to pay any ransom demands.

Instead, we follow a strict business practice that all legitimate businesses follow, which is why IWIN123 has no complaints. Despite how the Fake Reviewers have tried to spin a story about this BBB rating, we feel vindicated by the findings revealed in the ABC NEWS investigating the video.



I have been doing the IWIN123 business for over 10 years. I wouldn't be here if it didn't work well. If anyone can show me a better business, I'm ready to listen. I haven't seen a better one yet.

But I'm not here to do a review of somebody's business. I just wanted to let everyone know that there are certainly 2 sides to every story and I just gave you the honest truth.... something these fake reviewers have a hard time doing.

My suggestion for anyone looking to find a way to earn a good income from home, contact me for the latest info.

Again, in the IWIN123 business, you will find a number of features all packed into one business that the competition has not been able to beat.  Remarkably the Fake Reviewers forget to mention them in their reviews. You see, they won't compare the features of their business to IWIN because they come up a loser in such a comparison.


The IWIN123 benefits include:

  • Extreme support. Your inviter will teach you the ever-evolving marketing strategies.
  • Your inviter will make your initial calls for you to answer all questions,
  • Your inviter will close your first 2 sales for you. (we don't charge for this service as other businesses do)
  • You collect a 90 % commissions starting with YOUR FIRST SALE. (Other businesses take your first sale away)
  • You will also collect a 10% residual income for life on all the sales on your down line sales. (Good luck finding this elsewhere)
  • You DO NOT GIVE AWAY a QUALIFIER TO anyone. Just the commission.
  • You ALSO receive 90 % of the commissions of qualifiers sales WITHOUT MARKETING OR BUYING LEADS.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Very low admin fee:  $125. a year (covers all levels with one fee)

I hope this sheds some light on these fake reviewers. Thank you for your understanding.

13 thoughts on “IWIN123 REVIEW & ABC NEWS Protest Better Business Bureau ratings!”

  1. BBB is nothing but a message board that takes no involvement in the issues. As a business owner they will let your competition post against you and do nothing about it if you prove it to be a false review. As a consumer they hardly make any attempt to even contact the company. Complete waste of everyone’s time. They are nothing but a organization companies can pay to buy an A+ rating for advertising. Don’t waste your time as they won’t waste theirs unless you’re cutting a check to them. We had them publish libel about us and claim they can’t remove it. We are in the process of filing a lawsuit so at least maybe a consumer or a business may get some fair treatment from this company that makes money off extortion of business that don’t pay their ransom or consumers that actually have a legitimate complaint.

    1. The BBB is run as a non profit. Many of the manager are earning over $200,000 salaries. Well, that money has to come from somewhere. Looks like it’s coming from the businesses it suppose to be protecting. Kind of looks like they are just out to collect a street tax from whomever they can squeeze. The public needs to be educated on the realities of that organization. Seems they think they can just write their own rules.

  2. Hello Tom,
    Thanks for this info. It’s too bad the better business bureau takes advantage of so many. It seems you really can’t tell who the good guy is any more.

  3. Totally Agree I sometimes I think the better business Bureau should actually be called the “Bad Business Bureau”

    1. Well we live and learn. It’s a shame that what once was a reputable organization , the BBB has now been ruined by pure greed as they shake down businesses for payments. Shame on the former Better Business Bureau which now can be known as: Bad Business Bureau.

  4. Yesterday I got a call from BBB representative to “finish” an application that my husband started. I asked them to call back in an hour. In exactly an hour they did call 4 times in a row before I answered it. To get approved they only asked what kind of work we do and why do we think we stand out from other companies. And of course they asked for a debit/credit card info right away. No terms or conditions were explained, they just said once we are approved then they will charge us specific amount. ($52 per month, $600 a year) When I said I do not have any cards with me right now, they became less interested, never called back (promised to call in 45 min) and never sent an email with their information, later that day I read reviews and complaints filed against BBB. Please do your research before submitting any payment information! It’s pretty clear that their goal here is a money grab.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the Bad Business Bureau. BTW, I like the concept of IWIN123 business. Are there any special courses you would recommend for videos with them?

    1. Hi Eddie,
      Yes as a matter of fact IWIN123 is now putting out a brand new video that shows you A to Z how to best make one. Once your on board I will send it out to you if you could send me a quick note.

  6. I contacted BBB for an investigation regarding overcharging and deceptive practices by ARMCO. BBB made no attempt to gather any relevant information pertaining to the complaint, however the complaint was deemed closed. BBB is advertised as a consumer advocate organization but is clear to me that it is a typical INEFFECTIVE agency, and that any submitted complaint is a complete waste of time and effort… It doesn’t surprise me that they were caught trying to sell their ratings to businesses. Plain and simple greed and fraud.

    1. I hear you John. It seems to me that there really isn’t much oversight to the BBB. My guess is that they think too much of themselves. Really , who are they to judge others? It about time people recognize the corruption that seems to run within their organization. Their in it for the money. Many of their managers earn over $200,000 a year from this Non Profit organization. That money has to come from somewhere. Not from me!

  7. After submitting clear evidence of fraud and abuse including receipts by a moving company I dealt with recently, I am shocked this company not only maintains its BBB accreditation but also its A+ rating. I will never rely on the Better Business Bureau again when deciding whether a business is credible and reliable.

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