IWIN123 REVIEW :Beware Of The Fake Reviewers

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2018)

IWIN123 REVIEW :Beware Of The Fake Reviewers

Your looking to earn a income from home. You know you will have to invest some start up money in a  business and you would like to  get a heads up on what to consider, right?  So, you search the internet for a business only to encounter a zillion reviews for whatever business you may be considering. The big question is …. who can you trust?

Now, I understand that having your IWIN123 business reviewed is part of being in business. I’m ok with that. But, what really irks me is seeing so many “fake reviewers” out there who masquerade as a review site when in fact what they are is an individual who pretends to have your interests and YOUR MONEY at heart. Their real purpose for their review is to “bait & switch” you to look at whatever deal they are trying to promote that month.  You see, it basically boils down to this :  They create a web site whose sole purpose is to kick and tear down any business they can find with whatever slanted data they can think of  and WHEN  you read down to the bottom of their reviews they will always try and lead you off with your hard earned money to whatever deal they are promoting.

If they truly wanted to promote their business legitimately then why don’t they just do a side by side comparison??

Can you put any faith in this reviewer?

The answer is : They are afraid to. You see if they did do a side by side comparison they will come up way short. I’d love to see a side by side comparison because that’s where IWIN will come up on top again.  A case in point is a recent review done by someone with no last name: RickD.?? Hiding something about himself?

iwin123 review post
iwin123 review :; This person a reviewer?

His site seems to be a collection of reviews on many many many home businesses and in each review he tries to put a negative twist on whatever he can think of, but in the end he wants you to go to his home business site which is apparently a business known as Wealthy Affiliates.  I guess he is saying that is a better choice and you should just take his word on it?  RickD tells a lot of falsehoods. He said IWIN123 review testimonies are from paid actors, Wrong, they are actual members (iwin123 testimonials)  He says IWIN123 review has a F rating from the BBB yet when you go to the BBB web site (see below) it says that the BBB has never reviewed IWIN and that they have no complaints whatsoever. The F rating is simply a designation that they never rated IWIN123. By the way, If a company pays BBB’s yearly membership then they get a high rating according to a ABC NEWS YouTube video.Here is a link to that:  ABC NEWS BBB video:

So RickD uses a smokescreen to obscure the truth and mislead people foolish enough to believe in what he says: So again I say:  BEWARE OF THE FAKE REVIEWERS.


An “F” rating for a company they never reviewed and never had a complaint? IS THIS VALID?





Is RickD’s business a good choice?

Well, I personally am not reviewing the Wealthy affiliates business but since this RickD has decided to review IWIN123 in a less than honest fashion I think he should have included a link to a REAL AND LEGITIMATE REVIEW SITE: that has reviewed the very business he is  trying to switch you to .If you’re thinking about following this guy you better know what your getting into. Seems like what RickD wants you to join has a history of fake reviews. So as a public service and  for your benefit here is the link to the Ripoffreport.com web site review:



Wealty Affiliates review







That site presents feedback from actual members who have issues with Wealthy Affiliates and some of the lawsuits that they have been facing from members.





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